Individual Reflection : Tan Siah Wei

In this challenge we will be learning about vectors. A vector is a quantity moving in a certain direction and a certain speed due to an overall force that is the result of several or a few forces happening at once.

As you can see here, the hollow arrow is the resultant force of the blue, green and red forces. Therefore, that is the speed and direction the yellow square is moving in.
Still don't understand? 
An applet will help you to understand further:

The challenge will be to make the ball go the fastest by adjusting it to such an angle that it provides optimum speed. The concept of vectors is very important. We can calculate what different forces it takes to make the total force more effective for the ball. Energy is usually defined to be the ability a physical system can do work on other systems. Work is defined to be the amount of energy transferred to another system by a force acting through a distance.

I) Plenary Sessions-Key learning points

1) Importance of water - Dirty and Clean

I had learnt that we must not waste water and use it wisely as there are 1.1 billion people in the world that has no access to clean water and proper sanitation.

2) Revolution of Microelectronics Technology

Microelectronics helps to improve the lives of people as it saves time space and effort, together with convenience to all, even the handicap.

3) Innovative Breakthroughs In Nano-Science and Nano-Technology

Nanotechnology brings convenience to everyone and help to save lives.

4) IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon

There are two types of animation, 3D and 2D/drawn animations. 3D costs less to make, and therefore most movies nowadays are 3D animated.

5) Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think

Rising sea levels is caused by large amounts of mass like glaciers. When a glacier is near the sea, it a is pulled towards it by gravitational force.

B) Deepest Impression

The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is Innovative Breakthroughs In Nano-Science and Nano-Technology

What I like about it is
That it clearly depicts the future of technology, where technology shrinks to the nano-level, and biotech actually becomes efficient enough to get larger until it reaches the nano level. The challenge is to create technology at the nano level but still serve the same function as what it is used for, like an iPhone. Biotechnology only has processes that can only happen at a very small rate, and is much smaller than a nano-sized gadget. Therefore, if biotechnology is able to be replicated by scientists, we will be able to make a larger sized version of it (nano-sized).


II) My Personal Reflection

I chose this project because I was fascinated by the fastest ball challenge and wanted to learn more.

My role in the group was mainly to create the blogs and stuff.

Some of the challenges we encountered when working on this project in the last 2 days we did not enough time to finish our presentation and we overcame these challenges by doing one impromptu.

Through this project, I discovered that teamwork and coordination is very important. If an argument happens within a group, the results will be very bad.

As an individual, I have benefited from this programme by learning how to give intelligent guesses and how to develop algorithms. I also learnt how to use tools we have around us to solve problems

My aspirations is to be more understanding of the experiment and utilize all things we have.